Whitechurch community need footpaths!

Development of Whitechurch Sli na Slaine walkway A local residents group in Whitechurch have come together to drive a petition for the redevelopment of a much needed footpath between the Village and Dromgarriff Lane. In recent years the volume of traffic has rendered this main road unsafe for residents who traditionally walked to the village, school, church and community centre. The footpath redevelopment committee have been very busy conducting a survey of local residents and have discovered that a footpath previously existed along this route with many of our more mature residents recounting stories of walking to school along a gravel path. Redevelopment of the footpath will provide safe walking access to village for 240 residents who live along this main road and Dromgarriff Lane and also allow parents to safely walk their children to the local Montessori school which is located just 0.2km from the village. Throughout COVID-19 pandemic there has been a huge increase in the number of people of all ages walking, cycling, and running along this route, many discovering this beautiful walkway for the first time. This has led to a demand for extension of the existing 3.5km Sli Gael health walk to complete a 7Km greenway providing a safe, easily accessible, and inexpensive amenity for regular exercise for walkers of all ages in our community. To drive this vision to reality they need support from the wider community to deliver a target of 3000 signatures to our petition. Please support and follow this very worthwhile project on Facebook ‘Whitechurch to Dromgarriff Lane Footpath Re-development’ and say ‘yes’ to the footpath