Kilcully and Ballincrokig Residents demand action

Kilcully and Ballincrokig Residents Association have been promised road safety measures by Cork City Council since they transferred into the city in 2020.  Following a tragic fatality in December 2019 , and a meeting with Cork City Council, they have been waiting for these promises to be fulfilled on road safety. Yet implementation dates keep getting pushed back to 2025 and beyond. Meanwhile, serious crashes continue to occur at an alarming rate, with five serious crashes occurring in just one week.

Talking to the Muskerry News they said, “This is not just about Kilcully and Ballincrokig – Dublin Hill, Whitechurch Road, Carrignavar Road and Ballinahina Road are also affected. We live with the constant fear of high-speed traffic tearing through our neighbourhoods. Our roads lack adequate lighting, footpaths and pedestrian crossings making it extremely dangerous for pedestrians.

“We cannot wait any longer while lives are at risk. The Kilcully and Ballincrokig Residents Association is calling on Cork City Council to take urgent action now! We demand immediate implementation of road safety measures including speed reduction initiatives, improved street lighting and construction of footpaths.”

A petition was presented to the Cllr Kieran McCarthy, Lord Mayor of Cork, earlier this week.