Blarney National School – Heart of our Community

The 8th of December is the traditional start date to our Christmas festivities in Blarney. Blarney Parish Church is dedicated to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary which is celebrated on December the 8th. Christmas is a celebration of children and of the family. Children identify and have an affinity with the Christmas story. The birth of a new baby is a real event in the lives of children – new siblings, cousins, neighbours and friends. Our children experience the reality of the birth of the Baby Jesus in a way that can sometimes be lost on us adults. School is a haven for youngsters, where the materialism and stress sometimes associated with Christmas is left at the door. In our school the children are exposed to the true message of charity, compassion and family whilst being surrounded with the magic, wonder and joy that the season brings. Scoil Chroí Íosa is the epicentre of the festive celebration in our community. Having completed the Christmas exams, our children engage in activities befitting the excitement and fun surrounding this Feast. The children will be performing at the forthcoming Ecumenical Service in St. Mary’s Church, Waterloo, they will be carol singing in Christies and Blackpool Shopping Centre. The big highlight for us annually will be the enchanting ‘Turning on of the Lights’ in our village square on Sunday 10th at 6.30pm. See Muskerry News Facebook for updates, times and photographs.

School Life mirrors Family Life – it’s busy. Our school quiz teams successfully undertook two quizzes under the able tutelage of Mr. O’Leary. Children from Second Class appeared on TV on November 29th last and it was remarked in the village on how happy and bright they all looked. Thanks to Ms. Fitzgerald and Mrs. O’Connor for organising this event. Our wonderful secretary Ms. Holland organised the annual ‘Christmas Shoebox Appeal’, this charity is organised to help children in other countries who are less fortunate then us in Blarney.

6th Class were invited to a civic reception in City Hall on Wednesday December 6th by Lord Mayor Tony Fitzgerald. This event was organised by long-term friend to our school Dr. John Sheehan to whom we must thank for affording our children this unique honour. 6th class also visited The Nano Nagle Centre on Douglas Street as part of their preparation for Confirmation next Spring. We in Scoil Chroí Íosa firmly practice the philosophy that ‘example is the school of mankind, and children will learn at no other’.

A recent development in our school has been the inauguration of a Student Council. Nine children were elected and co-opted from the senior classes. They have been tasked with providing oversight to ensure that our school has the most child friendly environment possible. Some of these children helped out with our recent open night event. They showcased our school to prospective families. The proof of this can be seen in the fact that enrolments for the 2018 Junior infants are all but full. Parents of pre-school children in our parish are strongly encouraged to en-role their children for the 2018 and 2019 Junior Infant classes if they wish to secure a place for their child.

As the final school bell jingles on the day of the holidays, the children will return to their homes and families. They will all be happy and excited and filled with the magic of the season. And as this teacher turns to shut the classroom door we will smilingly reflect that our youth we can have but today, and we may always find time to grow old. Nollaig shona agus naofa ó Scoil Chroí Íosa.