Change cannot happen if you do not ask!

A group of Cork based organisations are calling on the public to post or email their opinions on improving all transport & travel options (including walking) to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport by Friday 28th February. “If you want real change, you have to make public submissions. Change cannot happen if you do not ask.” This was a key message arising from a Public Consultation Meeting, organised by Cork City Public Participation Network and Cork’s Transport and Mobility Forum and partners, including Cork Cycling Campaign and Pedestrian Network-Cork, Cork Chamber and Healthy Ireland. The public meeting was called to discuss a consultation from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, reviewing Ireland’s public transport and active travel policy, “A New Vision for Sustainable Mobility”. The venue was a packed Council Chambers in Cork City Hall, and there was no shortage of input and ideas. The purpose was to encourage as many people as possible to submit their opinions on all types of transport and travel. Mobility includes every type of transport, in rural and urban areas from footpaths to cycle lanes, from buses to cars. It’s all about improving how we make our journey from A to B. Issues arising from the discussion, included affordability, accessibility, safety, streamlined planning and transport management and greater commitment to and funding for active travel (cycling and walking). Darren Mc Adam-O’Connell from Cork City Public Participation Network, is clear that “everyones voice counts and that there is a real value to people sharing their local and personal experience and asking for the changes they would like to see, even a few lines. The important thing is to get something into the Department by email or post.” The Cork City PPN (Public Participation Network) is a network of over 200 local community and voluntary groups, working in community development, social inclusion and environmental issues. Mobility is a reality that impacts everyone at all ages and stages and a topic that generates a lot of conversation and sometimes divided opinion. It was also clear there are very real gains including quality of life, health and wellbeing and real issues especially the reality of an increasing population and an increased aging population, as well as the acceptance of climate change as a major challenge and significant fines where climate targets are not met. To make a submission simply email The deadline for submission has been extended until Friday 28 February Visit for more information about this review of sustainable transport and travel and to join the network.

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