Vicarstown National School

The Vicarstown National School community thoroughly enjoyed the annual Christmas Concert held in the Community Centre in Ballyanly on the 21st of December. The audience were treated to four different plays. Junior and Senior Infants performed a lovely interpretation of the Nativity. They welcomed Mary and Joseph into their humble stable and witnessed the miracle of the birth of the baby Jesus. The toys in the 1st and 2nd class playroom came alive in ‘The Toy’s Christmas’ and they all had a great evening singing and dancing. The toys learnt the importance of friendship and that Christmas is not just about presents but about the family and sharing the festive season together. 3rd and 4th class performed ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ accompanied by their very talented teacher, Mr. O’Brien on the guitar. We were charmed by their interpretation of the lovely story about a fabulous car, hope, love and friendship. 5th and 6th class put on a fantastic performance and showcased some excellent acting talents with their play about homelessness called ‘Giving for Christmas’. The audience were very touched by this topical issue and pupils were given a better understanding of the reasons for homelessness in Ireland. The true message of Christmas was played out in this wonderful play about being non-judgemental, charitable, kind and caring to others.