Queen Kate arrives to Griffins of Dripsey to officially open The Enchanting Fairy Gardens

On Saturday July 1st huge crowds travelled to Dripsey to meet Queen Kate and the Fairy Council. In the last few years, the Irish Fairies had to relocate their ‘National Fairy Library’ and the ‘Fairy Dust Factory’ and decided that Griffins in the beautiful Lee Valley was the best location. After many fairy years of planning and building the fairies moved in last Friday night, just in time for the official opening on Saturday. Many wonderful children from throughout Munster travelled to Griffins to welcome Queen Kate and her Fairies and, throughout the day, the Children listened to the Seanchai fairies and got many top tips to write their own Fairy Tales. These children are going to write their own wonderful and enchanting fairy tales which, when returned to Griffins, will be registered into the official fairy library. The children enjoyed the sunshine, face painting and stories and after a magical afternoon at Griffins they all went home with their packet of Fairy Dust. The Fairy Gardens remains open to all believers, who can travel into an enchanting fairyland and read the history of the Irish Fairies and discover which flower fairy is watching over you. This perfect Summer day out is open to all, seven days a week, and is free at Griffins of Dripsey. A truly magical experience.