Weight off my mind

Rachael, a woman in her mid twenties decided to finally take control when years of emotional eating lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and a mental battle with herself. Now, nearly two stone lighter, Rachael is more confident, active and most importantly, is back in the right mind set. Like many other men and women, through any struggle, Rachael turned to food for comfort. “ I literally used to eat and eat secretly in my room, which made me feel depressed, which then lead me to eat more”. She slowly began feeling sluggish and therefore became inactive which subsequently lead to her weight gain. Rachael lost all confidence in herself. “growing up, I was always an active slim person, so when I gained all the weight, I seemed to be in denial, and tried to force myself into my smaller clothes, which made me feel worse in myself, and ironically made me binge more.” Rachael tried many other diets but because she was a fussy eater and loved food too much, she could never stick to them and ended up binge eating on take away food. “I found myself being hungry all the time that eventually I would give in and binge eat on any fatty foods.” She joined a slimming group in June 2015, as she had heard great reviews on facebook. “I heard about this group where you can eat as much as you like pretty much and still lose weight, I had to give it a go”. From the minute she walked into the hall she felt a very friendly atmosphere, with people sitting around having a cup of tea and chatting while waiting for the group to begin. Rachael immediately felt this was different, as she could pick her own target weight, did not have to measure or weigh most foods and more excitingly could still have her favourite dishes such as curries, chips, pasta, and rice. “I thought this plan was simply too good to be true, but went with it anyway and could not believe it when I had a 4 pound loss in my first week.” Before she knew it, Rachael had a stone down by August. Her second stone is coming off slowly but she is very happy with the results so far. “I know I could be well at my target before now and I am nearly there, but I am enjoying living at the same time, that’s the great thing about this plan, when you fall off the wagon it is so easy to get back on track”. Rachael puts all her success down to the support of her consultant and group which she stays for most weeks. “staying for group each week helped me to stay focused. I get tips from other members every week and other members also get motivated from my success so it does make you feel good” For the first time ever, Rachael managed to stick at a “diet”, but she does not consider it a diet, it’s more of a lifestyle change and about making better choices, but still treating yourself at the same time. “I am basically eating myself slim and never feel deprived”. Rachael enjoys her group so much, that she has decided to open her own Group in Ballincollig. “Slimming World has given me my confidence back, I am much happier and even my Asthma has improved slightly, which is amazing. I have a spring in my step again after years of battling with my emotions and it has encouraged me to go on and to help others” Rachael’s new Slimming World group will be in Ballincollig Rugby Club every Thursday evening at 7:30pm starting April 28th. For more information, please contact Rachael on 087 2554419 or visit www.slimmingworld.ie