Text Buzz!

This is local little lady Meadhbh O’Shea from Ovens enjoying her ride to Temple Street Children’s Hospital in the Bumbleance, fit for a Queen Bee! This is just one way how they spend your donations. No salaries, no admin fees, all of your donations go directly to fund ambulance rides for unwell children, and to provide their very special ‘angel trips’ a childs final journey on earth before they grow their angel wings and in the past 5 weeks they have completed 6 of these special journeys. PLEASE SHARE and help them to keep the wheels of BUMBLEance rolling. They don’t do medals, they don’t want thanks, they do and will continue to making positive life impacts for sick children. Not all charities are the same. Please text BUZZ to 50300.Bombalance 149356_791764647533132_7100896931754072153_n