Carriage Centre toy library

The Carraig Centre, Ballincollig, toy library is open from 11am until 12:30pm on the first Friday of each month. Do you or your kids want something new to play with but money and space mean it’s not possible? Would you like fewer toys but still the joy of playing with something new? The toy library has toys suitable for ages up to 12 years, and also some baby/ toddler equipment available to borrow. The cost is only €2 per family one off membership fee, after that the library is free to use so why not come and borrow some toys and bring them back when your kids are tired of them? Toys are loaned for one month, you can let us know if you’d like to keep them longer and extend the loan for up to 3 months, then you are asked you to return them and give someone else a turn! Equipment is loaned for as long as you need it. They ask that toys are returned clean, and in good condition, but we know that accidents do happen and toys are meant to be played with, and if something is damaged or missing a piece, they ask you let them know when you return it so we can make sure they are not loaning out things that are broken or with pieces missing. Parents are asked to ensure the suitability of the toys for their children before they borrow them, The Carraig Centre is not responsible for any accidents or injury involving the toys. For more information email