Dance the year in!

Intrigued by bright lights, sparkly costumes, and vivacious judging panels, the Irish public has become increasingly fascinated with the world of ballroom dance as depicted by popular television programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Star. These shows have done a phenomenal job popularising the art and athleticism that is ballroom dance, though they are just the tip of the iceberg of the ballroom world. Underneath the surface of ballroom dance on television is a vibrant, and exciting community of dancers spanning all levels and age categories.  “Our club is not just about dance classes,” says instructor Anne Hurley, “There’s a great social side to the club also, with regular organised nights out, weekends away and an annual holiday to Spain. For those of you that have never danced before, and really do have two left feet, Cork Dance Club’s ‘absolute beginners’ blasses are for you.” “We can’t always guarantee to turn one of those lefts into a right, but we do ensure you leave with a smile on your face! Cork Dance Club’s brand new Absolute Beginner groups typically start in January and September each year, however the classes run each and every week. Often we try and cover a few steps from a couple of dances in each class with regular recaps to go over what you have learnt. This way it gives you a nice variety of dances to have a go at, but don’t worry that you’ll have too much to remember – we try to keep the routines nice and simple!” Whatever your reason for wanting to learn to dance the experienced and friendly instructors will ensure that you learn in a fun and relaxed environment. At Cork Dance Club they want everyone to enjoy their dancing because dancing is one of life’s pleasures. Not only is it a great way to keep fit but it is also a great way to meet new friends and best of all, you don’t have to be an expert to begin enjoying it, the fun starts with your very first steps. Classes are run in Blarney, Mayfield, Greenmount and west Cork venues and our new adult beginners classes are aimed at total beginners so there’s no need to worry about having never danced before. Details of the upcoming classes can be found on or by phoning 087 2487696.