TY students want you to visit their Health Hubs

Health Hubs is a free online platform that aims to educate young children and teenagers on what a healthy lifestyle is. Within their intensively researched website Jack and Eoghan have a wealth of interesting and age appropriate information on topics such as hydration, exercise, mental health, sleep and first aid. In addition they also share healthy meal ideas and recipes, and have developed interactive games which will entertain young children and make learning about a healthy lifestyle more fun. With both boys being devoted to sport they are really the best men for the job. Jack has claimed multiple medals, including a national silver medal in the 800 metres, and seen great success in athletics. Eoghan is extremely involved with Blarney GAA and Leeds AFC and was part of the under 14 Blarney GAA team which won the league and regularly represents Leeds AFC. Completely committed to their sports, they train up to five days a week and nearly always have a sporting event on the weekends. Health Hubs is proudly sponsored by James Treacy Plumbing, Ahern Plumbing and The Muskerry News

You can find out more on their instagram @health_hubs22 or email healthhubs22@gmail.com for more information. Well done boys, an excellent business idea!

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