French Film Festival returns

The Cork French Film Festival will return to the Gate Cinema from Thursday 1st September to Sunday 4th September, opening a window into the French-speaking world through the magic of film. Eleven films, featuring some of the greatest Francophone film directors and actors, will be shown at the Gate Cinema during the four-day event. Some of the new and highly acclaimed films that will be shown are Full Time (À Plein Temps); The Crossing (La Traversée); France (with French actress Léa Seydoux); Authentik (Suprêmes); Playground (Un Monde), and Both Sides of The Blade (Avec amour et acharnement) – the new film by Claire Denis which won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival this year. The festival also includes a tribute to French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant, who passed away in June, with two classic films directed by Costa Gavras – Z (1965) and The Sleeping Car Murders (1969). There will also be a family screening on Sunday September 4th, and a film for post-primary schools will screen later on September 27th. The festival will open with a special screening of the delightful culinary French movie Délicieux, directed by Eric Besnard, with a celebration of French cuisine. The full programme will be available on Tickets are on sale from August 10th at The Gate Cinema, and online at