Blarney Community Council

Thank you! We got HUGE feedback last month to our survey asking you what you would like to see in the Old Covent Hall and we really appreciate it.

For anyone who doesn’t know we are based in the Old Covent Hall which is home to a myriad of classes and activities that you may not be aware of. From badminton to dance, to Cork Pride meetings and Blarney Brass and Reed Band rehearsals. Yoga, photography and guitar lessons too, you’d be amazed what goes on behind our doors! In answer to our recent online survey you told us that you would love to see a youth club, board game nights, toddler groups, a book club, computer literacy and art classes, local history talks, community allotments and many more great ideas. We are investigating them all and will update you as soon as we have news. You bring the ideas and the energy and enthusiasm and let’s see what we can do together!

Regarding St Patrick’s Day the majority of people who responded to our survey were in favour of festival rather than a parade, and we are working on that. Your ideas included a food market, a community family fun day and live music. We will need your input and help so please reach out and get involved.

If you wish to bring any local issues to the Community Council please make contact with any member or through our facebook page. Thank you.