SVP Cork calls for more volunteers

SVP Cork is calling for more volunteers. The society received 191,000 calls for assistance last year, add to this spiralling utility and energy bills, the cessation of Covid 19 support payments and the jump in the cost of living and you, sadly, have the perfect storm. Against this stark backdrop the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) in Cork is reaching out to those with even a few hours to spare each week to join its volunteers in supporting those in need in the city and county. South West Regional President Paddy O’Flynn said, “Volunteers are our greatest strength; they know the needs in their communities and can deliver short term help at the right time to give people hope and get them back on their feet in their time of need. Among our many volunteers the qualities of kindness, compassion, respect, discretion and being non-judgmental are key. Our volunteers freely give their time, often changing lives forever and making many friends in this most rewarding charitable work.” Whatever skills they have to offer new volunteers will find a place in the diverse range of activities of the society which includes local branches, charity shops, social housing units, child and family services such as foodbanks, resource centres and meals on wheels. To answer the call please visit or call 01 884 8246.