Cllr Damian Boylan reports

Well that was 2021. Good riddance to it and hopefully we can look forward to a better 2022. I think we will. Obviously with the break there have not been any council meetings and while there was a number of issues they were dealt with by both City Council when it came to daily operational issues and by Cork County Council for water issues. Killeens once again suffered from water outages and I will pursue a long term resolution to this with Irish Water.

I did put forward several motions for discussion and these have been referred to the local area committee. These will be discussed on the LAC meeting of January 24th. I’ll lay them out here and please feel free to email me with suggestions for what you think deserves a motion.

Controlled crossings between Cloghroe and Blarney. That Cork City Council provide controlled crossings at each housing estate on the R617 route between Cloghroe and Blarney. The lack of footpath connectivity means that children going to school have no choice but to cross an open road which unfortunately suffers from a huge volume of traffic which moves at excessive speed in a built-up area. The estates most affected are Primrose Hill, Gleann Na Rí, Riverview Estate and Willison Park. The addition of these would serve the purpose of both increasing pedestrian safety and slowing traffic.

Traffic study at Station Road, Blarney. That Cork City Council do a study of Station Road, Blarney to judge traffic volume and speed with the purpose of returning with a report and suggested measures to slow traffic down in this area.’

Resurface Model Village, Tower. That Cork County Council place the Model Village in Tower on the resurfacing list for 2022.

Traffic Management plan for Blarney Village. That a comprehensive traffic management plan be put in for Blarney village and the approach roads with particular emphasis placed on Millstream Road, and the area around the village square. The study should also include parking in and around the village area with an emphasis on the duration of parking and its policing.

I have also asked that the sharp bend from the Blackstone Bridge up the Kiln Road from lower Killeens be examined and a plan be put in place for its improvement.

I had the pleasure of meeting and doing some work with Michael O’Riordan in Pophams Field in Farranree who is doing a great job of improving the park and encouraging a civic pride in the area. Michael is one of those people who isn’t happy with the way things are and rather than just complain is enthusiastically starting by himself to change things. Great credit is due to people like Michael and its thanks to them that all our communities constantly improve.

There are some new groups working in the area and I am excited to see what I can help them achieve so here’s to a positive 2022.