Congratulations Denise!

Congratulations to Denise Creedon February 2021 Blarney & District Person of the Month!

Denise IMG_5509“Denise retired from Centra Blarney last year after working in the same location for more than 40 years, starting there at the age of 16 when it was Bradley’s VG. It later changed hands and became Scally’s SuperValu, then Collin’s SuperValu and most recently O’Leary’s SuperValu and Centra.

Denise loved every minute of working there in the centre of the village, in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of life in Blarney. She has seen many changes in the shop over the years, with change of ownership, change of layout, building extensions and hundreds of staff coming and going.

Every local person coming into the shop knew Denise and she had a word for everyone. It is lovely to see a friendly face when you come into a shop, and means a lot to people who may not generally see people during the day.

This shop in Blarney has been a hive of activity in the community and in simpler times was many peoples only outside contact of the day.

Denise has also seen the thriving tourism industry in Blarney and the thousands of visitors who come here every year, representing the warm Irish welcome that our tourists so fondly remember on their return home. One such visitor was an English gentleman who couldn’t locate Barry’s tea in his homeplace so Denise arranged with him to post tea to him once a year. She fondly recalls him as her ‘Tea Man’.

Denise is very special and her kindness is without effort. She will be missed by the people of Blarney and I’m sure if you asked anyone going in and out of the supermarket over the years, they would agree and would say they were sad to see her leave.  She has given a lifetime of service to the people of Blarney and she will be missed greatly.”

And so say all of us!