Congratulations Oisin!

Congratulations to our October Blarney & District Person of the month Dr Oisín O’Connell.

Oisin attended St Patricks’s National School, Whitechurch, and secondary school in Farranferris, before completing his medical degree in UCC and undertaking his postgraduate training in Ireland, North America and Australasia.

Oisin has published 35 peer reviewed publications and 3 medical text book chapters across a range of specialities. His research work from MD Anderson and John Hopkins was recently recognised internationally by the American Thoracic Society Oncology programme committee and by the awarding of the Jeffrey Lee Memorial Scholarship.

Dr O’Connell was previously National Medical Director for Heart and Lung Transplantation at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and Vice President of the Irish Hospital Consultants Association, and was awarded the National Consultant Led Team of the year awards in 2016 and 2017. He continues his academic association as Assistant Professor of Medicine in UCD and Honorary Senior Medical Lecturer in UCC.

Oisin has also been a key national figure in the fight against Covid19 in Ireland. In February 2020, with his brother Cillian, Oisin became concerned about the escalation of Coronavirus in other countries, and set up a WhatsApp group adding consultants across all medical disciplines, members of government, HSE national leads, National virus reference lab, and media representatives. The current Taoiseach, and past and current Minister of Health were also in this group leading to rapid and effective, open communication between all parties.

As a result of this group, a relationship was formed with Cork man Dr Paul O’Brien who went to Medical School in China and works in Healthcare Procurement, leading to access to Chinese medical experts, learning from their experiences of dealing with Coronavirus with the representatives of government, all Irish hospitals and Universities attending.

As a result of Dr O’Connell’s direct actions, many Irish lives have been saved and the knowledge he acquired has been shared nationally and is key to our fighting this global pandemic.

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