Blarney United Football Club – Securing our Future

We are living in challenging times at the moment. Aspects of our community which we have so often taken for granted, like participation in sports, are now under strain to provide services and activities that were once just another part of everyday life. Our club, like many others, has had to deal with the fall out of Covid19, the logistical and communication challenges, the sporting fallout, the uncertainty and disruption to the physical and mental routines of our lives that prevail at this time. It is within this context that we at Blarney United Football Club are working hard to future proof our facilities at O’Shea Park. We are looking beyond these current challenges and making sure we are ready to get back to doing what we do best for our community – providing top class sporting facilities for over 500 players, girls and boys from U6 to adults across our 22 teams, and for the families, players, and fantastic volunteers that make up our club. The upgrading of our all weather pitch is a major project for our club and requires significant capital investment, running close to €250,000. As always, we are getting great support from our local sponsors, especially SuperValu Tower. Likewise our own members are working hard to raise additional funds to make the project financially sustainable. There is no doubt in our minds that we will get value for money from this asset. The all-weather pitch will be used around the clock, 7 days a week supporting our teams training and fixtures and making O’Shea Park a standard for other clubs to aspire to. We can sense the pent-up demand to get back playing and when that time comes we are determined to provide the best facilities for our members and a club our community can be proud of. Getting things right off the pitch will hopefully lead to even more success on the pitch. We would love to continue developing talented underage teams, girls and boys from U6 and maintain our drive to represent Blarney at the highest level of amateur football. We are all aware of the many positives that sport can bring, physical and mental health, female participation, social inclusion, contributing to key public policy objectives and that has never been more keenly felt. We are asking for the broader community to support our development by making a pledge today on our GoFundMe page: or scanning the QR code which will bring you directly to our GoFundMe page. The best part! The return on your investment will be immediate as this project is already underway and due to be completed before the end of 2020. Thank you again for your continued loyal support.

Cormac Hayes Club Chairman on behalf of Blarney United Football Club.

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