Carraig Centre safely welcomes you

The Carraig Centre current round of COVID-19 restrictions recognises that social interactions are essential for us all and must be balanced against COVID risk and economic activity.  Here in The Carraig Centre we are delighted to see many activities starting up to address the social interaction people desperately need while strictly adhering to COVID-19 regulations in our newly fitted out, spacious, well ventilated building on Old Fort Road in Ballincollig. In addition to our regular restricted access playground offering which has been very popular all summer, we welcome Baby Sensory Cork, Toddler Sense Cork, Little Fine Artists, Buzzi BounceBox, Mini Musicians, YMCA Ballincollig, Konfident Kidz Ltd, Together-Razem Centre and music lessons from Lydia Thorpe as regular weekly groups in The Carraig Centre, all of whom provide a range of services to meet children’s social and cultural needs.  Bricks 4 Kidz and Nutty Scientists Kerry Cork Limerick will be with us over the school break, God willing!  We are also delighted to host Enable Ireland as they develop their Ballincollig community hub, Slimming World Ballincollig with Sandy, the Cork Education and Training Board providing adult education services and an interdenominational spiritual development course Alpha Course at The Carraig Centre, all available for the adults among us. Safety first for all our guests is of first importance, but within the constraints, activities promoting mental health for ourselves and our families are important too!