Firmount National School send love to Lebanon

The big hearted students of Firmount National School and the wider parish in Donoughmore were quick to answer the call that came from UCC graduate, Dr Wissam Abdel Samad, who is from Lebanon and has returned there to work as a principal in a school telling them, “Due to the ongoing economic crisis followed by the disastrous Beirut Port Explosion and drastic hyperinflation, prices of common items have become unaffordable. A 50 page notebook costs 32USD, a pen 19 USD, A pack of coloring pens = 67 USD, An iPad pro 11 = 5000 USD Students do not have access to the basic education needs, let alone access to the tools needed for online education like iPads and laptops.” Young Sarah and Grace with the help of their mum Sharon and Orla Lynch, colleagues of Dr Wissam Abdel Samad, were quick to answer the call and left a box outside Peg’s shop and collected in school, resulting in a pallet of supplies packed and ready to send to Lebanon.