Quaid signs his way around Ireland

Nine year old Quaid is spearheading a campaign to get RTE using Irish Sign Language for Deaf Children. He has been working on his campaign since last January and will keep it up as he is passionate about it, and feels it is time Irish Sign Language is made a recognized language in Ireland. Quaid has been his mothers helper in (ISL) Irish Sign Language for the last 3 years. There is currently with nowhere for children to learn to sign, unless there is a deaf person in the family so his mother arranged for private lessons to progress his passion to sign as gaeilge. Quaid would love to be able to talk to deaf children but doesn’t know any (at the moment) but he goes to St Josephs retirement home in Sandyford Dublin to mass on a Sunday and afterwards chats to the deaf and deafblind residents. His campaign has been recognised by the Young Learner Awards and he has been shortlisted for the awards which will be held in Durham Castle in England this October. During a recent visit to Kenmare Quaid met with Francis Brennan and is looking forward to meeting Mrs Brown’s Boys when he is flown to Glasgow for the shoot as their special guest. You can follow Quaid’s journey on facebook on https://www.facebook.com/GetIrelandSigning