Local Communities don’t let Coronavirus stop good work!

Local communities haven’t let a pandemic stop their wonderful work as they cleaned and improved our areas. The Kilcronan community got together to clean up a 2k stretch and the picture says it all. More than twenty people helped and you can see how much litter they managed to pick up, as one of the organisers Michael told us, “Thank God community spirit outweighs this sort of behaviour.” So much fabulous work was done in Blarney by our Tidy Towns volunteers. We really would be lost without these wonderful people who keep our village looking so good. Thank you! The Rathpeacon community paid a massive thank you to RedFox Recycling who helped them with their recent clean up by organising the collection of rubbish bags from the road side and disposing of them. As Bethan said, “Wonderful community effort to help us all take some pride in our area. Thank you.”Redfox rathepacon clean up 105626171_3450508494977825_647716708587016981_o