Whitechurch Macra save or dye!

Whitechurch Macra made good use of the lockdown by holding a shave or dye for the Irish Cancer Society and raising over €2000 for this wonderful charity. As the Irish Cancer Society said, “Thank you so much to all in Whitechurch Macra for choosing to help the lives of those affected by cancer. Thanks to your support, our night nurses are calling to homes throughout Ireland every night, helping families through the most difficult of times. Our Nurseline is now operating seven days a week and we have developed tailored advice on coping with Covid-19 for cancer patients and survivors. Because of you and the generosity of those who donated to your fundraiser, we can focus all our efforts now on providing cancer patients and their families with the information, advice and support they need at this time by calling 1800 200 700 or visiting cancer.ie Thank you!”98189567_3095266853829179_2522948452065738752_n