Schools and Health Foundation inspires students

Four 5th class pupils demonstrated great leadership and organisational skills this month when they tasked themselves with their cub chief scout community challenge to help children in Sierra Leone. These pupils, Marie, Grace, Sarah and Rosaleen, recognised that the great need for school stationary in Sierra Leone could be helped by a donation campaign in St Lachteen’s. They researched the work of the Schools and Health Foundation and relayed this information to all classes in the school. Their passion was evident in their delivery. The campaign was supported by their fellow scouts from 11th Cork Cloghroe and all the pupils in the school generously responded, donating pens, pencils and copies. All of which will be brought to Sierra Leone by school kids IMG_9779¬†founder and neighbour, Bernice O’Brien. These pupils fuel our confidence in just how much can be achieved at any age. A credit to their community. Mile buiochas.