Strictly Come Dancing comes to Blarney!

Ballroom and Latin American dancing has seen a huge rise in popularity in the last few years due in no small part to popular TV shows Strictly Come Dancing and RTE’s Dancing With The Stars, the new series now running every Sunday which this year features celebrities such as Glenda Gilson, Mary Kennedy, Lottie Ryan, Fr. Ray Kelly, and Michael Curruth. Blarney’s very own ‘Strictly’ ballroom and Latin American dance classes take place each week in Blarney GAA Club on Thursday nights. Cork Dance Club offers a variety of group dance classes for all levels in a relaxed and social atmosphere. “Our aim is to ensure that you have lots of fun while learning a new skill and getting some exercise into the bargain,” says instructor Anne Hurley Everyone has the potential to be a dancer with the proper instruction and confidence. Learning to dance is no difference from learning any other discipline. It may feel awkward at first, that’s to be expected. Eventually you will master the basics and will be able to dance with full enjoyment without having to think about it. You will be able to just feel it and dance. The good news is learning to dance is always fun, even at the early stages. Dance lessons are normally given in succession with you learning step by step and building on what you have already learned. By learning in a step by step fashion and practising in between your lessons you will develop a muscle memory and eventually your dance steps and routines and effortless movement to the music will become like second nature to you. Cork Dance Club’s lessons encompass many different dances styles including, waltz, jive, quickstep, tango, cha cha cha, foxtrot, samba, rumba and lots more. Whether you want to dance at your wedding, deb’s/grad’s ball or just because you’re looking for a new hobby this year, you will find that learning how to ballroom dance will give you the confidence to do any of the above anywhere. “Here at Cork Dance Club we like to get to know all our students and regularly hold social events such as weekend dances, a Valentine’s Ball, weekends away, dance holidays and Christmas parties where you can come and meet new people and show off your dance skills. “Our speciality is adult lessons, so if you’re between the ages of 18 and 88 years old, you are welcome to explore the world of dance with us at Cork Dance Club. If you think your age has anything to do with your ability to dance, you’re wrong…we believe it’s never too early or late to fall in love with dance,” says Anne. Cork Dance Club’s new beginners’ classes take place on Thursdays at 9pm in Blarney GAA Club with a new group also now enrolling in the city centre at the South Parish Community Centre 7.15pm. To find out more have a look at, contact Anne for more information at 087 2487696 or email