Big hearted Niamh lets down her hair for charity!

image006Nine year old Niamh O’Leary from Dripsey heard about The Rapunzel Foundation, a charity that makes wigs for children with alopecia, just before making her First Holy Communion and was inspired to help another little girls dream day come true. “It was a couple of weeks after my Communion  and I was telling my dad that I wanted to cut my hair and my Dad said, ‘Do you want to do it for the Rapunzel foundation?’ I was saying, ‘will it be too short’, and my dad said, ‘the style would be a bob’, and I didn’t know what a bob was and my dad said it would be swinging above my shoulder and I said, ‘no, that is too short!!!!’ I was in bed with my phone and I was thinking of a little girl who had alopecia and I am very lucky to have hair and then I wanted to do it so it said 14 inches and my mom said that was way too short so we went to Sinead’s hair studio and it was 12 inches and my mom said it was perfect so it was Wednesday at 12  O  clock and they washed my hair and dried my hair and brushed and CUT MY PONYTAIL OFF!!!!!!! And now another little girl could have hair and I really love my new hair style Niamh O’Leary (Dripsey)”