Crann Centre offers innovation and hope

A unique and highly innovative programme from the Crann Centre based in Ovens, County Cork, is helping children and adult wheelchair users to make to get the most from their chair and take on even the most challenging of conditions with ease. The Crann Centre provides a range of programmes and supports designed and informed by people living with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, along with their families. Many people with Spina Bifida hydrocephalus use a wheelchair for their mobility and the service was developed in order to meet their wish to travel safely, participate in leisure, sports or travel as they see fit. The Turas Saol (which translates as life’s journey) wheelchair skills course is run at the charity’s state of the art facility in a purpose-built training area for wheelchair users simulating stairs, inclines, gravel, broken pavements and other obstacles that are in the built environment. Over the six-week programme participants are supported on everything from stretching (to build flexibility and strength) to safely transferring from a seat to the chair to ascending and descending even the most difficult sets of stairs. With other items including carrying drinks while using the chair and wheelchair maintenance the participants are fully supported to take on all the activities of daily living. Course Creator Paul Ryan who has just completed training 6 children and teenagers aged from 9 to 16 says,“This course is a life changer for a child or an adult in a chair, it helps them see their chair as a gateway to endless possibilities.” He added, “As somebody who spends my life around people in wheelchairs, I know the difference that being confident in your chair and being able to take on what can be challenging situations can bring. For enquiries on adults or children’s wheelchair skills training programmes or the other services please contact, call 021 4289267 or visit

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