11th Cork Cloghroe Scout Group need our help!

With more than 120 scouts, both girls and boys, aged from 6 to 17, and a waiting list of nearly 100, 11th Cork Cloghroe Scout Group are finally taking the first steps to build their own scout hall. The group which has been in existence for more than 40 years and includes children of all denominations and abilities, caters for to 30 children every night of the week, with numbers growing year on year, restricted only by their lack of space and their own scout hall. They are appealing for a local land owner to give them the use of some woodland to camp on and use for the benefit and education of the next generation. Aiming high, they would one day love to create an international scout centre, for the benefit of not only their own scouts but scouts from all around the world. Talking to The Muskerry News Colin Murphy told us, “The first challenge is finding a suitable site, this is a major hurdle to overcome, and if anyone can help us in locating a site I would be very grateful if they could please make contact with the chairman of the committee, Donal Coffey on 087 793 0299. This project will not progress unless a site is found and if anyone has any suggestions please make contact with Donal as soon as possible.” Thomas McGee continued, “Substantial funds will need to be raised to help complete the project and we need to form a fundraising committee to organise events over the next 12 months. If anyone can help with the committee please email your details to scouthallproject@gmail.com.” This project is ambitious and a big task and there are already many people helping the group, matching the many inspiring examples of people in our community who are prepared to give of their time and skills for the greater long term benefit of future generations to come. Colin concluded, “The active support and participation of parents, however small, has always been vital for the success and the development of the Cloghroe Scout Group. We know that with their help, and that of our community, we will be able to achieve our long held goal of the scouts having their own place, which will enable them to continue to enjoy all of their scouting activities for years to come.”20190707_123600