New faces head for seats in Cork City Council

A boundary extension bringing many of us into Cork City, has seen plenty of new faces take seats in Cork City Council for the next five years. The election, which had a predicted low turnout, will have some familiar faces such as Sinn Féin’s Mick Nugent and Chris O’Leary missing, replaced by the new order of community workers such as Micheal Looney and Damian Boylan who saw their voluntary work rewarded with a vote of approval from the electorate. With no clear majority in the Council Chamber, local party leaders will be exploring all options to work together in the coming years, which can only be good for all.

Damian 61183533_2459179744113002_5407193470081171456_nThe Lord Mayor’s plebiscite was defeated with many voters feeling they did not have enough information to form a decision. Congratulations to all who gained seats, and we commiserate with, and pass on thanks to, our former councillors for their work.

Macroom Michael Creed (FG) Gobnait Moynihan (FF) Michael Looney (FF) Eileen Lynch (FG) Ted Lucey (FG) Martin Coughlan (Ind)

Cork City North West Tony Fitzgerald (FF) Thomas Gould (SF) John Sheehan (FF) Kenneth Collins (SF) Fiona Ryan (Sol/PBP) Damian Boylan (FG)

Cork City South West (7 seats available) Fergal Dennehy (FF) Derry Canty (FG) Colette Finn (Green) Colm Kelleher (FF) Garret Kelleher (FG) Thomas Moloney (Ind) Henry Cremin (SF)

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