Ballincollig Youthreach shows racism the red card

As part of their Equality Project class, the Employment Skills FETAC Level 4 group, decided to enter the ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ poster competition.  In class during the year, they discussed the many aspects of Inter and Multiculturalism, and how Ireland has changed in the last few years from being a predominantly monocultural society into a country with many cultures.  Eastern Europeans and Sub Saharan Africans are two of the most noticeable immigrant groups to settle in Ireland and one negative aspect of this shift has been the spectre of racism. The learners at Ballincollig created an interactive poster where the viewer has to look behind the red cards, similar to an advent calendar, to see their thoughts and impressions on racism within sport, particularly soccer. The poster also showed soccer fans gesticulating and displaying racist salutes against black players alongside the red cards, thereby juxtaposing the negative with the positive.  The class felt that this exercise of creating the poster taught them a lot about Multiculturalism and the effect that racism has upon individuals and society as a whole. Pictured are Darren Shanahan, Beverly Collins, Urla Kelly Coomey, Graham Smithers and Dylan Leahy.