Congratulations Jill!

The March Blarney & District Person of the month is popular local lollipop lady Jill O’Keeffe. “I would like to nominate Jill O’Keeffe, the local lollipop lady, for Blarney Person of the Month as I believe Jill deserves to be honoured for all the hard work she does every day looking out for the local children and parents of our community. She goes above and beyond every day to ensure those children are safe. If a parent is late, Jill will wait with that child no matter how long it takes for them to be safely collected. She often lets a child use her mobile phone to contact parents if they are delayed, or for a child to ask who is collecting them. Recently it has been highlighted how dangerous the job is, and on numerous times in recent months Jill has nearly been hit by cars driven by careless drivers. This doesn’t deter her from doing her job. Her number one responsibility each and every day is the safety of the children, and Jill has also given her time to go and speak at the school to teach the kids the importance of safety. Jill is a kind, caring genuine soul who always puts others before. She is loved by many in the community who I believe would agree with me in saying she deserves this award.”Jill IMG_8595