ASE High School Programme

The ASE High School Programme is an international programme which enables German secondary school students between the age of 14 and 17 to visit Ireland for one or two terms, or an entire school year. The student attends a school in County Cork and stays with a host family who ideally have children in the same school as the exchange student. It is a cultural exchange programme which means the student shares the host family’s life for the duration of his or her stay. A local bi-lingual programme supervisor makes sure the student will settle in well. They will enroll the student in the school, liaise with the year teacher, help the student to get their school uniform, their text books and school materials, and prepare the host family as well. Throughout the student’s stay in Ireland, the supervisor will assist both, family and exchange student, with any questions they might have. The family gets a daily allowance for hosting the student which is paid out at the end of every month. ASE runs this Highschool Programme in partnership with VOLUNTA, the German Red Cross youth organisation. All the students have good English, a background in charity work, and a genuine interest in Irish culture and life. If you are interested in finding out how to become a host family to a German exchange student visit the ASE website or contact ASE on 087 995 6218 / ….