Cork Therapy Centre and Sports Injury clinic celebrates 10 years of excellence

As we all well know, it’s extremely important to take good care of your body. Cork Therapy Centre and Sports Injury clinic is a Chartered Physiotherapy clinic that treats clients from all over Cork and Munster and has done for the last 10 years. The clinic was opened in April 2004 and we are delighted to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. We are opened 6 days a week. 8 till 8 weekday and 9-1 Saturday morning by appointment. Patients are treated for sports and work related injuries. The clinic sees a full spectrum of sports-related injuries and from all different levels of sport from local and college teams to Olympic athletes and Paralympic athletes. Cork Therapy Centre and Sports Injury Clinic, which is based near Blarney, in Tower Shopping Centre, treats sports injuries, neck and back pain, myofascial pain and trigger points, foot assessment, paediatrics, neurological problems and biomechanical problems. We have a new paediatrics Chartered Physiotherapist Deirdre O’ Sullivan MISCP starting in July. The staff focus on healing through evidence based techniques and their holistic approach also includes Pilates and yoga while focusing mainly on manual therapy techniques. All the physiotherapists have studied acupuncture and dry needling, which are used daily to treat patients. We also have soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage by Emma Robertson Chartered Physiotherapist available 3 night a week 2 – 8pm. There is an on-site gym and Pilates studio. We have a Chartered Physiotherapist Karen Quinn MISCP, that runs our Pilates Classes which are kept to a small number to ensure that people with certain problems are getting the most out of their Pilates Classes. There are four chartered physiotherapists available at the clinic who are all interested in sports and who chose to do this career to help others achieve their goals free from pain, so that they are free to play sports and lead a healthy normal life.