Child’s play is Child’s essential learning at Berrings National School

The new Junior Infants have settled in really well. During the month of September they have been learning all about ‘Myself and My Body’. In Aistear we set up a Doctor’s Surgery where sick patients were taking care of by doctors and nurses. The children really engaged with this and learned so much through the medium of play. The children were very excited to welcome a real doctor into the classroom. Dr. Ann Marie Naughton kindly came to visit the classroom. She gave our doll a check-up and was able to tell the children the right things to do to stay fit and healthy. Dr. Ann Marie was extremely impressed at all the children knew about medicine and keeping healthy. The children of Junior Infants are looking forward to their next Aistear topic of Autumn.

The Senior Infant children have been working extremely hard since starting school. The parents of the children come to the classroom three times a week to complete station activities with them. We are so lucky here in Berrings to have such helpful parents that contribute so much to their children’s learning. The senior infants have been learning all about Autumn and came together to create an amazing mural depicting the signs of Autumn. The mural now hangs proudly outside their classroom.

To celebrate World Tree Day the children of 2nd class took the opportunity to thank our trees by hugging them. The children were only delighted to show their appreciation to these hard working plants! Our school garden continues to flourish and thanks to our warm summer the children are reaping the benefits of all the vegetables that have grown.

We are very fortunate to having cooking and baking facilities in school. Children from all classes love utilising this fantastic resource and recently the children gathered apples from local orchards and baked an apple sponge with their teacher.

The hard working members of the Green School Committee gather fruit and vegetable scraps to feed the worms of our wormery. They are very dedicated and our worms are certainly well fed. The children are working towards our 5th Green Flag.

Sciath na Scol. The boys and girls are really enjoying their football games and are displaying great skill, talent and commitment. They are playing a very nice brand of football and are looking forward to reaching the finals. Well done to our players, teachers and parents for all the hard work and commitment. Biorainn abú! Future Cork stars in the making!Sciath na scol FAQT0274