Onslow Dental reminds us that it pays to shop around

From the 27th October 2017 the Department of Social Protection has reintroduced some of the dental benefits that were withdrawn back in the crash for PRSI eligible patients. The benefits are as follows: Free examination including routine x-rays once per calendar year. Subsidised routine Scale & Polish costing no more than €15 once per calendar year. A subsidy of €42 towards the cost of Periodontal (gum disease) Treatment. The subsidy for Periodontal Treatment is instead and not as well as the subsidy for a Scale & Polish. The distinction between a Scale & Polish and Periodontal Treatment will be determined by a measurement of 3.5mm or more of bone loss in any area of the mouth. The cost of periodontal treatment is at the discretion of the dentist/hygienist you attend so price can vary. Shop around!