Congratulations Eoin!

Eoin FullSizeRenderThe April Blarney & District Person of the Month is Eoin Murphy.
As one of his (many) nominees told us, “I would like to nominate Eoin Murphy from EMF Fitness. Eoin is the owner / operator of EMF Fitness gym located at the back of Blarney GAA. He has been up and running now just about 3 years and his business has grown both in clients and in popularity. His gym has no treadmills which for an awful lot of people is a God send, his business ethos is that of lifting and laughing you gotta have a bit of banter!
Eoin has helped so many people over the last three years, physically and mentally. If you visit his Facebook page you will see testimonies from an awful lot of people. He runs personal training programmes and also circuit training classes which are always packed to capacity along with a specialised 10 week weight loss program and online coaching.
On a personal level and from my own point of view I walk into EMF and I am always met with a smile and genuine hello. Eoin is ALWAYS up for a bit of banter. He is full of devilment and given half the chance he would be pranking everyone in the gym.
Eoin has really helped me enjoy life and start to look after myself again after a very tough few years.
He gives so much back to the community from donating the proceeds of certain classes to the Blarney First Responders and Dogs for the Disabled, to holding competitions in the gym and donating the proceeds to charity. He is trying to organise two relay teams for the city marathon this year not just to show off the gym but to ensure each team has a partner to run with and get encouragement from.
He recently participated in the first Blarney Wellfest where he spoke about how important exercise is in lifting your mood.
In his own words this is the reason behind his setting up of EMF
“I started EMF to change the face of training and exercise in Cork. What motivated me most was I had been let go from my job and was on the dole, and by God if that doesn’t motivate you to get cracking I don’t know what will.
Since then though it’s been a hell of a journey. With many ups and downs, in and outs. Learning daily and being luckier than I ever thought possible.
The fact that I can help people build habits, provide them with some motivation and slowly grow a passion in them for their own well being is really the icing on the cake
I love what I do but I still doubt myself every day, and that’s ok.
Because each time someone asks for help, reaches out and enquires about starting their own journey. I can be there for them, fear and all.”