Cloghroe National School welcome two very special visitors!

Dreaming big during Engineers Week! Engineers Week was a very busy week for the children. They began the week with a screening of the film ‘Dream Big’ in the halla at assembly. Throughout the week, all classes around the school were busy experimenting and exploring many engineering concepts such as gravity, friction and air pressure.

Genius Hour projects. Third class pupils exceeded all expectations with the quality of their Genius Hour projects. During genius hour, students of all levels are empowered to explore their own passions. The children firstly create a project proposal and explore different research methodologies. The pupils then research their topics both in school and home and create their finished project/product. Topics included knitting, baking, lizards, engines and soccer teams to mention but a few! It was a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge with their peers.

Basketball Blitz. On Thursday February 8th, sixth class children enjoyed a non-competitive mixed basketball blitz in Neptune Stadium. Thanks to Mr. Whitty and Mr. Kelly for training them over the past few months.

Aistear – The Circus. Aistear continues in junior and senior infants. In Senior Infants, it’s Circus Time and the children have been doing lots of different activities including making their own clowns, threading boards, creating a circus with small world toys, making finger puppets to have their own circus at home, and best of all, being real circus performers. They have learned how to juggle, how to balance how to throw and catch, while listening to circus music – just like real circus clowns. It has been really exciting!

Special visitors. Two very cute calves visited the children and the children learned a lot about them, including what they like to eat, where they sleep and why they have yellow tags on their ears. They could not believe the calves were only 7 days old!Special Visitors