New website has all the answers!

Census Connections is a new website created by Sinead from Tower, which is sure to be of great interest to those from the area. Sinead is a native of Tower and, as she told us, “One side of my family goes back a long time here, I have always been obsessed with the history of the village and surrounding areas and this led me to collate all the census records for Blarney, Matehy and Dripsey and to create a website whereby people can search and view their ancestors from here.” She went on to explain, “While this search can be done on the National Archives website already I have expanded the data in my website so that you can see the type of house they lived in, what, if any, outhouses they had, where did they live ten years later. I have built quite a large database and am currently working on including Ballincollig and Magourney as well.” Within the website people can view some statistical information too, like how many first class houses there were in Blarney in 1901 etc. There is also a facility to allow a history of the person to be entered and stored so that if someone has some details that they would like to share it can be shown, and if someone is lucky enough to have a photo that too can be uploaded. Sinead has loads of ideas and plans to take this informative website further, such as displaying historical maps, recording history of houses etc, and this is very much a work in progress, one that those with an interest in the history of this area will really enjoy.