Congratulations Bridget!

The April 2017 Blarney & District Person of the Month is Chairperson of Blarney Active Retired Group Bridget Harrington. “I would like to nominate the chairperson of our Actively Retired in Blarney. We meet each Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm, and they work very hard trying to keep us fit and entertained. They organise lunch out, day outings, weeks in the sun, three day breaks, Christmas dinner. They also get people to talk to us about various topics, local history, music, jokes, always very interesting, especially health related topics. There are many more subjects which I have not mentioned, but there is always something happening and interesting. It takes a lot of time and effort to organise these things and I would like to see Bridget, her vice chairperson and the committee recognised for it. Just pay a little visit and stand outside the door and listen to all the noise, it’s great to hear the chat. Bridget Harrington is backed by Mary O’Donovan Vice Chairperson, and their hard working committee who are also most worthy of recognition for all their work.”BH FullSizeRender