Berrings National School pupils are out of this world!

Space Week gives us the chance to focus on the wonders and realities of the Universe around us. It was celebrated in style in second class. The children made their own rockets using insulation piping. Great fun was had by all.

To mark Road Safety Week the children of Junior Infants were given high visibility vests. They learned all about the rules of the road. The children and their teacher went on a walk to put what they had learned about road safety into practice. Be Safe, Be Seen! On their walk the children looked for the signs of autumn. They noticed that the weather was windy and cold and that the leaves on the tress were changing colours.

To mark ‘Tree Day’ the children of first and second class planted a ‘Rowan’ tree on the school grounds. The children learned that trees are really good environmentalists and that they play an important role in protecting the world we live in. 20160909_192205