Niall Daly honoured in tribute

A lovely tribute to popular local man Niall Daly was written by foodwriter Elke O’Mahony and published in last weeks Cork Independent. May he rest in peace. “On Sunday evening, I received terrible news of the death of Niall Daly of The Chocolate Shop in the English Market. I remember heading to town each Saturday morning when my mum was still alive and just before I was about to return home again, I ‘d stop at the stall to buy a small box of chocolates for my mum. I always left it up to Niall which ones to choose; I only told him no dark chocolate and no alcohol-filled ones. When I would return home, my mum would give out to me that I spent money on her but I could see her a few hours later opening the box and enjoying the chocolates – mostly with my dad out of earshot so that she could have all of them to herself. All in the English Market but also his customers will miss Niall. His family might continue the stall but the quietness that was around Niall, his patience and his pure presence are irreplaceable. Niall wasn’t a chocolatier, he imported most of his chocolate – a fact he never hid. He gave upcoming artisan chocolatiers a chance, introducing them to visitors to his stall. His eye for quality made his business a success and he was considered an expert in the field of awfully good chocolate. I still see my mum’s face when she opened the box of chocolates and the enjoyment when she took the first bite. Niall and his wife started The Chocolate Shop in 2000 and have survived the recession and the business has indeed grown from the start. There are always people around the stall, especially in summer when queues are formed around the corner of the stall for their delicious ice cream. Everytime I went to the market and saw Niall standing behind the beautiful array of chocolate trays, I thought of my mum and how much she loved his chocolates. When I go to the market now, I will think of Niall and my first time at the stall. My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. “