Ballincollig Athletic Club 5km run

Ballincollig Athletic Club have arranged for a 5km run on April 13th 2014. The run is to help fund the club which has been in existence for many years and is totally reliant on help from volunteers. WThey have over 100 children and over 30 adults (Fit4life) in the club. Ballincollig Athletic club has been running for a number of years on a voluntary basis. The club caters for a wide range of individuals. They have a juvenile section with over 100 children from the ages of 9 16 years, and a fit for life section for adults. The juvenile section meet twice a week, Mondays at CIT and Thursdays at Coliaste Choilm. The juvenile section concentrates on various athletic sports including long jump, high jump, sprinting, javelin (childrens) and also sport games so as to develop a wide range of interests. The Fit4Life section is split into two. On Tuesday at the Astro Turf Pitch 6, Supernova, Ballincollig the club concentrates on people starting running as a sport, develop techniques on how to run and also improvement for existing runners. Beginners group as part of the development warm up with running technique drills and also go for an easy jog. The jogging group go for a 5k or 8km jog and the runner group go for a 5mile route around Ballincollig. Further details can be found on the club website or 087 1436121 (after 4pm).