Pat Burton thanks community for support

The local and European elections are again upon us. I am not a candidate on this occasion. I do however want to say a very genuine thank you for all your support and understanding in enormously difficult times. It was a privilege to serve.The difficult times are not over but hopefully they are nearing the end. The bare cupboard is showing more now with our roads falling into disrepair and each and every sector of society has taken some of the burden. Some reckon their sector has taken more pain than others but trust me everyone has regrettably been hurt, not by choice but out of pure necessity to bring us back from the brink. €210 Billion If I told you we borrowed €110bn to give to the banks, you would indeed be very cross. We didn’t, we borrowed €110bn to pay ourselves in living beyond our means. This is the accumulated difference between income and spending since 2007. Add to this about €60bn to the banks and €40bn we owed pre 2006 and you have the broad make up of our national debt which now stands at about €210bn. Servicing our debt last year cost €8bn, practically the same cost as running the Dept of Education. It couldn’t continue hence there had to be cuts and taxes found, a painful reality but the only prudent way out of our sorrow mess. There is again hope. I am proud of the Irish Government and the people. On the economic front our country has again got a future. The Government may be seen as the bad boys like surgeons of old with no anaesthetic. They should be supported though because regardless of the consequences to themselves they put the people and the country first. I appreciate the Government is not perfect and the recent Shatter drama was not good, the original matter should have been have been transparently examined and dealt with expeditiously. It is a real pity that a very hard working and I believe genuine reformer could not have some more humility; arrogance in the proportions exhibited is not acceptable. The Fine Gael led government has had to make spending reductions that no one would want to have to do but quite frankly there was no alternative. The Government was elected to sort the mess, they have done as you asked and now at last there is a real sense of hope again. Jobs are being delivered at a rate of 1200 per week. Now is the time to genuinely be true and support the Government candidates in the local elections. I know it is not easy to support those who cut your benefits or increased taxes; it is however a true test of whether you want a government that will do the right thing or a government that will sweet talk you with false promises. Most commentators did not visualise the Kenny Government extracting us from the troika for years to come including the sometimes respected economist David McWilliams. He has however recently commented that the, ‘figures are unambiguously positive’. A business needs a solid medium to long term path with consistent good management; a country needs the same and more. The Government needs a second term to deliver the good fruits of the major pruning. Support them by supporting your Fine Gael candidates, Damien Boylan, Blarney; Michael Creed and Ted Lucey, Macroom. Finally thanks again for the support you gave me, it was greatly appreciated. Pat Burton