The April 2016 Person of The Month is Eamonn Pitts

I would like to nominate Eamonn Pitts for Blarney Person of the Year. Eamonn has been a very active member of Blarney & District Chamber of Commerce for many years. In answer to many queries as to how vibrant the Blarney business community is, Eamonn took it upon himself to research the amount of businesses that exist within the Muskerry district. Utilising his years as a researcher for Teagasc, Eamonn applied his skills to building a database of businesses in 6 villages to include Blarney, Tower, Grenagh, Carrignavar, Whitechurch and Dripsey, spending much time driving around these areas and conducting extensive searches on the internet resulting in a database of 587 businesses. This database, known locally as ‘The Pitts Project’ is now freely available to Blarney & District Chamber members. Eamonn gave of his time to present his findings to over 50 local businesses at an open networking forum in Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel on 22nd April and again, made his database freely available to all businesses present on the night and gave of his time freely to discuss his findings with the group afterwards. Blarney, primarily a tourist village, is well placed to leverage its position as a global brand. Eamonn’ s database serves to highlight not only businesses that thrive within the area, but equally as significant, those that are lacking- especially in regard to our tourist industry and industries with multi-national status. I think Eamonn and his vision in creating ‘The Pitts Project’ is a very fitting candidate for Blarney Person of the Year.