Looking to give or get some fabulous, FREE household items?

Looking to give or get some fabulous, FREE household items? Now you can with Cork based website www.giveorget.ie
GiveOrGet.ie, previously known as wastematchers.com, has one great aim, to provide an opportunity for those with stuff to give away and those looking for good quality household goods to find each other.
There are a variety of items on offer for your home and garden, from couches for your living room to toys and even wallpaper. You can find plenty of gems such as a beige two seater couch or a single mattress in good condition or samples from upholstery books perfect for crafts, all FREE.
So far 1,780 registered users are reaping the benefits of GiveOrGet such as Michael, “Our old electric shower found a new home today. The lady who called to collect the shower kindly offered me 2 drakes and a pot of homemade jam! I accepted the jam but declined the drakes!”
Catherine, another GiveOrGet user found a piano on the site, which she later passed on to another user and got Lego and a bike for her kids in return.
Why not check out GiveorGet on Facebook and Twitter for upcycling ideas, funky furniture and all things green and thrifty. Registration is free and takes only a few minutes.