Back to school time as Grandparents are Anseo!

St. Lachteen’s National School Donoughmore opened its doors for grandparents of pupils recently. A special celebration to recognise the role of grandparents in the lives of the young pupils has been the focus for the past couple of months. All classes have been working hard, gathering information about their grandparents and finding out a little bit more about their family history, that they would not have known otherwise. Photos of grandparents have been put on display in a colourful collage in the school hall and the pupils were delighted to see their projects and short stories, that focused on the lives of their grandparents on exhibition.  Pupils were very enthusiastic about their projects as everybody had a different story to share and this highlights the unique bond grandparents share with each of their grandchildren. Siblings and cousins wrote such individual stories about the special relationship they have with their grannys and grandads it was hard to imagine at times they were discussing the same people. The sense of pride in both their project work and their grandparents was evident on the smiling faces of the youngsters on the day. A special mass was celebrated at St. Lachteen’s Church by Fr. O’ Riordan and Fr. Downing and it was wonderful to see so many grandparents join the pupils and teachers on this special occasion. Many grandparents are actively involved in the daily lives of their grandchildren and help in the dropping and collecting from school and very often mind their grandchildren after school also. The pupils were really excited to see grandparents from the local community along with the many grandparents that had come to Donoughmore from various parts of the city and county, all united to celebrate mass. Special prayers were said for deceased grandparents during the mass. Afterwards it truly was back to school for the grandparents when they returned to the school hall for a cup of tea and a chat about their families and more importantly the joy of their grandchildren.IMG_3873