New cycling club for Blarney

Osbourne Quality Meats, Blarney, and The Edge Sports Shop have formed a New Cycling Club and Leisure Cycling Club for 2014.

The team will be led by National Criterium champion Paidi O’Brien and will have a small but powerful squad in many of the country’s biggest races this year.

O’Brien is the main rider and he will have support from cyclists such as Richard Hooton, Denis Lynch, Owen Cummins, Blarney’s Michael Crowley and Martin Cashman.

One of the main men behind the team is Patsy Crowley who says he is optimistic that the club can make their mark this year.

The team will run the first annual Blarney Village GP on March 16th, and will host a mid summer league, National Junior TT, Veteran’s Championship, National A3 and Junior Road Race championship throughout the year.

In addition to their racing team they will also have a leisure club which will be delighted to welcome riders of any age, and with experience of any level.