Killeens volunteer wants to teach the world to cook!

Hard working Killeens volunteer Siobhan O’Leary is determined to teach the world to cook, and she made a great start when 14 ladies who completed a six week course in Hollyhill were awarded their completion certificates by local Councillors Mick Nugent and Tony Fitzgerald. Siobhan, who runs her own business and has three small children, is also a hard working Vincent De Paul volunteer and wanted to take it further and teach some local ladies some cooking skills to make life a bit easier and more interesting. The ladies loved the course, called ‘Hannah’s School of Home Cooking’ after Siobhan’s late mum Hannah O’Leary, included re-education on how to cook economically and healthily, where to shop for the best deals on food, cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients, a demonstration from an expert on deserts and a question and answer session from a MABS representative. The course was run through St. Vincent De Paul in conjunction with Springboard, using donations from Bia food initiative and Tesco foodcloud. The 14 ladies who were awarded their certificates were Eileen Twohig, Vickie Thompson, Ann Mulqueen, Lorraine O’Gorman, Nicola O’Sullivan, Marguerite Martin, Shirley Ahern, Annmarie Cronin, Mary Cronin, Elizabeth Greaney, Laura Hurley, Nuala Panek and Louise Keenan. Siobhan is already looking forward to the next course and also has plans in the pipeline for a cookery course at weekends for teenagers._MG_5545