All happening at Cloghroe National School

Soccer Skills! Over the past number of weeks Blarney United sent two coaches to Cloghroe N.S. to coach Senior Infants in the core skills of soccer. Both the boys and girls have really enjoyed this experience and many intend to join Blarney United Soccer Club to further develop their new skills. Pancake fun! Junior Infant pupils had great fun on ‘Pancake Tuesday’. Although the boys and girls enjoyed making the pancake batter, tasting the finished product was definitely the best part! Book fair! Cloghroe N.S. hosted a book fair on February 25th and 26th. Pupils had the opportunity to view a variety of literature and purchase their favourite book. It was a great way for children to explore a range of diverse authors and develop their love of reading. First Confession! 2nd class pupils received the Sacrament of First Penance on February 25th. It was a wonderful occasion and both family and staff were very proud of the boys and girls. The pupils are looking forward to receiving their First Holy Communion on May 9th. Scór! Well done to pupils from Cloghroe N.S. who participated in the Muskerry Semi Final and the Muskerry Final of Scór na bPáistí. It was wonderful to see the pupils’ talents on stage and represent the strong Irish culture in Cloghroe N.S.Book fair 2